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These are few examples, to show how easy it is to build Aria Ready UI Widgets. These examples use Twitter Bootstrap.
There are plenty of UI Framework Libraries like this. For example, UI BootStrap by Angular JS, Yaml, Zurb Foundation, HTML KickStart, Skeleton, etc.. You could track some of them at JSDB (Collection of JavaScript Libraries) and of course on

The problem with these libraries, is that they are not specifically designed to be accessible from the start. The result is a negative impact across millions of pages across the web, as inaccessible components are repeatedly shared and incorporated into new projects daily.
Their main focus is on cross devices (RWD) , but not cross users (Responsible Web Design).
It would be lovely, if they could give Most out of this rich user experience to People With Disabilities (PWD), who uses Assistive Technologies(AT) like Screen readers, Magnifiers etc. Yes, Not Just Cross Browsers and Cross Devices, but also Cross Users as well.

These examples are a clone of Twitter Bootstrap 2.2.2 and Accessibillity fixes applied on top of them. The Idea is based on the work by The Paciello Group (TPG). When they felt that the JQuery UI was not Accessible, they showcased their fixes. As a result, most of the JQuery examples are accessible as of today.


After Accessibility Fixes are applied

BootStrap 2.2.2

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I Would like to personally thanks my Friends Dennis Lembrée (@dennisl) , Srinivasu Chakravarthula (@VasuTweets) and my Friend and Guru, Victor Tsaran (@vick08) for their valuable feedbacks.

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